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     We have developed these tools for your convenience. We have tested them and they are very acurate. But we must say that you use them at your own risk. If your computer blows up or you are audited by you know who, don't blame us! Use and Copyright Statement

What are Log Rules?
This first one is not a tool, but it will help in understanding
the difference in the log rules.

Log Volume by cubic footNew!

Whack O' Logs CalculatorNew!
Whats a whack of logs??

Tree Value ComparisonCalculator  

Log Value Comparison Calculator

     Tree Volume Calculator
(Outputs in Doyle, Scribner and International)

  Tree Value Calculator

Board Footage Calculator

Log Volumes Calculator
(Outputs in Doyle, Scribner and International)

      Tree Spacing Calculator
(Trees per acre at a specified spacing)

Hardwood Pulp Calculator

Lumber and Log Weights
(By Species per cord and B.F.)

A Sample Timber Contract

The Wood Bin
(Wood related software site)

More to come...
     Do You have an Idea for a virtual tool relating to lumber, logging or forestry? Let us know and we'll try to build it!



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