Timber Sale Contract


1.     Agreement entered into this (Date) __________________ Between __________________
        of __________________ herein after called the seller, and __________________
        of _______________________ herein after called the buyer.

2.     The seller, having the right to sell, agrees to sell the buyer, who agrees to buy a Timber Sale
        on land located in the _____________ of section _____________ township _____________
        range __________________, __________________ county, state of Michigan upon the
        conditions herein after stated.

3.     Seller represents that he owns title to the Premises and authorizes Buyer and Buyer's employees to
        enter upon the premises to perform the Logging operation.

4.      Cutting Specifications


5.      Method of Payment


6.      The Seller is free from responsibility for any injury, Death, or Property damage caused by the buyer's
          logging operation during the tenure of this agreement.

7.      It is Understood by both parties that the Buyer is an independent contractor, not an employee of the
        seller, and the buyer certifies compliance with Michigan Workman's Compensation Act.

8.      Any Modification or amendments to this contract must be Written, Dated and Signed.

9.      This agreement will be in effect from __________________, to __________________.

            Seller:                                                                        Buyer:

            Signature                                       Date                        Signature                                     Date                        

            Name                                                                          Name                                                              

            Address                                                                      Address                                                           

            ____________________________________           ____________________________________

            Witness Signature                                              Date               


(Backside of sample contract)


1.     Trees cut that were not designated for cutting within this contract will constitute a timber trespass and
        double stumpage will be charged.

2.     The buyer has the right of access onto the sellers land for harvesting purposes.  If the buyer has to
        cross a third parties property to enter the seller's land the buyer must clear right of access with the third

3.     The location of all roads, landings and decking areas must be agreed upon by the buyer and seller before
        operations begin.

4.     The seller has the right to inspect the sale area at any time.

5.     The buyer and his employees shall exercise care at all times against doing damage to the residual trees.

6.     Trees may not be left hanging on other trees.

7.     Rutted roads and landings will be smoothed at conclusion of contract.


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