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What Do You Want From Your Woodlands?

The very first step towards management for forest landowners is to decide exactly what they want from their woodlands. This may include:  

Ball.gif (941 bytes)  Maintaining scenic and environmental conditions       

Ball.gif (941 bytes) Revenue from the sale of timber

Wildlife habitat improvement Wildlife habitat improvement

Ball.gif (941 bytes) Short and long term financial investment

Michigan forest health status Improved forest health

Ball.gif (941 bytes) Greater recreational opportunities

What Type of Forest Do You Own?

Once you decide what you want, then you need to look at your woodland to see if it is capable of accomplishing these goals.  Factors to be considered include:

Tree Identifier Tree species

How to Measure Trees to Determine Their Size Tree size and timber
Soil, fertility and other site factors

Ball.gif (941 bytes) Tree quality and forest health conditions

Building an access road Accessibility

Wildlife habitat improvement Existing wildlife habitat

Where do you go from here?

Present conditions in your woodland will determine whether your goals are realistic and achievable. Often landowners will only have to make slight modifications in their goals to adapt them to present forest conditions.

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Tree species

Michigan Forest Facts
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