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Michigan Forest Facts

Ball.gif (941 bytes) About half of Michigan is covered by vigorous, healthy forests.

Ball.gif (941 bytes) 56% of Michigan's forests are privately owned.

Ball.gif (941 bytes) 84% of the UP is forested and forestry is the #1 industry here.

Ball.gif (941 bytes) Michigan has the 5th largest forest of any state.

Ball.gif (941 bytes) The amount of forest land in Michigan has increased every year for the last 50 years.

Ball.gif (941 bytes) Michigan's forests support 200,000 jobs and generate $12 billion each year.

Ball.gif (941 bytes) Michigan has over 11.5 billion trees and we add more every year.

Ball.gif (941 bytes) Each year for every 1000 trees:

39 new trees grow
8 trees die from natural causes
12 trees are harvested
.... so we gain 19 new trees for every 1,000 trees in the forest

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Michigan Forest Facts
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