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    This is what causes most cuts to chain saw operators. Their is an “anti-kickback” chain available but it too will “kickback”, if you are not careful. This condition, “kickback”, occurs, basically, due to 1) the physics of the spinning chain around the tip of the bar, 2) putting the upper of the bar tip in a bind or pinched condition (boring with the bar tip or hitting another object such as a limb, sapling or tree), 3) the violent release of pressure from the object being cut (limb under pressure or springpole).

    The ways to lessen the effects of the violent reaction are 1) use an “anti-kickback” chain, 2) complete concentration as to the position of the bar tip, 3) proper stance (feet apart with firm and secure footing, hand on handle bar, with thumb curled around it, other hand on pistol grip/trigger, position body so if “kickback does occur the chain saw will go over the shoulder. Never try cutting anything with just one hand on the chain saw. Never try to cut anything above shoulder height.

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