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Introduction to Carl Smith's Chain Saw Safety Course

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     The chain saw is the most dangerous hand tool that can be purchased on the open market. It requires no license and no training to own or operate it. An overall average of 165,000 injuries and deaths occur annually, within the USA alone, from chain saw related accidents. This figure is just the “reported” accidents and has been taken from some hospitals that are willing or able to furnish this information. That figure does not include Dr.’s office visits.

     Of this large number of “reported” accidents, an educated guess, of 5%, are what could be truly termed “accidents”. The remaining fall under the category of “preventable accidents”. That means that the largest majority of suffering caused by chain saws could have been prevented.

     The only answers to this problem are training/knowledge and experience. You can gain the knowledge the hard way, i.e., experience and have the scars to prove it or you can prepare beforehand by doing a little reading or have someone with the experience/scars teach you.

     The following set of articles will hopefully give you the “BASIC” information necessary for surviving your chain saw endeavors.

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