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About Carl Smith

     Born as a fifth generation logger with wood chips in my veins. Attended Green River College and received a Forest Technician Degree. Began using a chain saw as a pre-commercial thinner and snag falling contractor while going to school. Upon graduation, I worked for Weyerhaeuser Co., for eleven years, in Washington and Oregon. Certified Forestry Technician, Log Scaler, Cruiser, Buyer, Bucker, Team Cutter and Head Faller, amongst other things. Also heavily involved with Forest Genetics program.

     On weekends, layoffs, holidays and vacations, I worked for many Gypo loggers as a Timber Faller and Contract Cutter (Bullbuck). Was working as a Contract Cutter on Mt. St. Helens, when it blew up, with 12 Fallers and 3 Buckers working for me.

     Moved to East Texas and got involved with cutting Southern Pine Beetle infestations, timber sales, danger trees around houses, and tornado/hurricane damaged trees.

     Went to work for the United States Forest Service and began hearing horror stories about what this government organization was forcing their employees to do, with chain saws, and began a strategy to modify their training program. Too many people were needlessly dying, every year, due to inadequate training or lack of re-training.

     Transferred to Northern Arizona and set up a District training program. Became a member of the Forest Safety Committee in order to expand the chain saw program. Finally was allowed to set up a chain saw program for the Forest. I then began gathering names and computer addresses of Safety Officers and Chain Saw Instructors throughout all of the USFS, including folks in the Washington, D.C. Office. This was done in order to share information, originally. Began hearing even more horror stories about lack of proper training. As more employees kept being needlessly killed, I began pushing for a National "standardized" training program. Finally got the right people’s attention and was sent to help write this new program. I also helped write the Arizona and New Mexico Regional Program.

     I have also trained all of our Chain Saw Instructors and many of the employees, on our Forest. I have trained Instructors and employees for the National Park Service and Bureau of Indian Affairs. I also train chain saw operators for timber companies, as a side business. I am in the process of writing a book on this subject as well as making a video.

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