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     As we all know, the web has greatly influenced the way people seek information. Landowners and prospective timber sellers are beginning to realize this also. The premise for The Timber Buyers Network is: "A website created for The Michigan Landowner to find information on forest management, and as a means to consult professionals on ways to improve or sell their valuable timber resources".

     Where we as the loggers, sawmills, and timber buyers come in, is this. As a member logger your company will be available in a direct search.

Your incentive to join is this: The Timber Buyers Network will be heavily promoted and advertised. It will bring us all together as a network where you can be easily found. As a member your company will have its own contact page including whatever information you desire, your company logo, or photo of your choice, and means for the prospective seller to reach you. You may also use the option to connect to an existing website.

     You may already entered in our search data, but as a non-member, the only information a user will receive in the search, will be your company name and county you are located.

Membership fee is $120 annually payable by check.

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